Fatra receives an award for Ontex suppliers

Our major customers within the segment of breathable membranes include Ontex Group NV, one of the crucial global players in the sanitation market. It operates 20 production plants around the world with more than 11,000 employees, and its annual turnover amounts to 2 bn euro. This company collaborates with hundreds of subcontractors and the key ones were invited to its “Partner Day”, at which, in addition to presentations of the company’s long-term strategies and objectives, the best contractors of 2017 were awarded in four categories.
In a very demanding competition involving companies from all over the world, we won the “Sustainability” prize. The fact that we defeated not only competitors in the area of breathable membranes but also suppliers of other commodities in the sanitation sector indicates that this is an exceptional success and also a great commitment for the following years. All employees of the segment of breathable membranes deserve great thanks!