Non-breathable laminates are manufactured by laminating non-breathable PE film and hydrophilic PP fleece or viscose. Laminates are impermeable to gases and water vapours (vapour proof) and resistant to water permeability in liquid form (water proof).

Breathable laminates are manufactured by laminating breathable PE film and viscose. Laminates are breathable for gases and vapours (vapour permeable) and resistant to water permeability in liquid form (water proof).

Laminates are suitable for hygienic applications.

Product advantages

  • Non-breathable / breathable for gases and vapours, resistant to water permeability in liquid form.
  • Tailored to the specific needs of the customer.
  • Hygienic without exception, meets standards EN 71-3, EN ISO 10993-5, free of dangerous compounds.

Surface finishes

Customisation options:

  • Lamination with various types of non-woven textile.
  • Superior breathability is available upon request.
  • Option of anti-microbial treatment

Design options:

  • Colours according to customers´ requirements.
  • Printing available upon request.


  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 80 – 2.000 mm.
    • Base weight : 25 – 60 g/m².
  • Breathable laminates
    • Water column resistance: minimum 1,000 mm H2O.


Non-breathable laminates

  • Production of disposable health care products including disposable surgical masks (surgical drapes), surgical sets, pads/sheet for patients, etc.

Breathable laminates

  • Examples of potential application include the manufacture of pads/sheets for patients to protect beds while maintaining patient comfort (pleasant textile-like appearance and pleasant to touch).

Product structure

Cutting Medical laminate



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